Monday, February 2, 2015

Exciting mid-winter update

Happy Groundhog Day, kids!  Here we are in the middle of winter, 2015, and I have happy, wonderful updates on the shenanigans and antics of my three beloved Icelandic Sheepdogs.

Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir is headed to New York City in less than two weeks, to attend the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  We are very excited, as this is our first ever invitation to Westinster.  We will be in good company of our friends in the breed, and I look forward to a wonderful experience.  Not really looking forward ot the travel, but I am very honored.

Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) has sired a beatiful 6 puppy litter, who were whelped in Michigan, at Arbakki Icelandics.  The litter is currently 4 weeks old, and consists of 4 girls and two boys.  All are very healthy, happy, and thriving.  As they are really starting to look like the dogs they will become, I am thrilled with their colors and markings.  Vetur is really proud of his first litter!

Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail, at last report, had just earned his AKC Championship.  He went on a little roll of 5 straight majors, and now is in wonderful position to compete for his Grand Championship points, and finish his next AKC title.   I am also thrilled to report that Keisari has recently had his first girlfriend.  In mid-January, he was standing stud for a very sweet gal from Boston, named Elsa.  We strongly believe she is expecting (showing many signs) andthe pending litter is due in Mid March!