Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Spring Update!

Rumor has it that we had an awesome time in New York City, at the Westminster Kennel Club.  My top dog, Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir was showing like the magnificent boy that he is, and we walked away with a very proud Best of Opposite.  The whole experience could not have been much better, as far as he show goes, I saw many friends, and left with wonderful memories to keep forever.  I'll be back  :)

Middle boy Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) has seen his first litter go off to their homes, around thge U.S. and we are super pleased with how the pups have been turning out.  They are all quite beautiful, and I hope to see more photos as they grow up.  Rumor has it that he may be siring a litter again, very soon, but SHHHHHHH!  it's a secret for right now.

Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail has 5 beautiful babies of his own, who are, as of this post, at 5 weeks old.  He sired 5 very healthy active pups, 4 boys and one girl.  They look wonderful, and I think there may be something special in there....   Keisari pushes onward in the show rings, toward his AKC Grand Championship, just needing about 10 more single ponts to acheive his new title.  More to come!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Exciting mid-winter update

Happy Groundhog Day, kids!  Here we are in the middle of winter, 2015, and I have happy, wonderful updates on the shenanigans and antics of my three beloved Icelandic Sheepdogs.

Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir is headed to New York City in less than two weeks, to attend the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  We are very excited, as this is our first ever invitation to Westinster.  We will be in good company of our friends in the breed, and I look forward to a wonderful experience.  Not really looking forward ot the travel, but I am very honored.

Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) has sired a beatiful 6 puppy litter, who were whelped in Michigan, at Arbakki Icelandics.  The litter is currently 4 weeks old, and consists of 4 girls and two boys.  All are very healthy, happy, and thriving.  As they are really starting to look like the dogs they will become, I am thrilled with their colors and markings.  Vetur is really proud of his first litter!

Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail, at last report, had just earned his AKC Championship.  He went on a little roll of 5 straight majors, and now is in wonderful position to compete for his Grand Championship points, and finish his next AKC title.   I am also thrilled to report that Keisari has recently had his first girlfriend.  In mid-January, he was standing stud for a very sweet gal from Boston, named Elsa.  We strongly believe she is expecting (showing many signs) andthe pending litter is due in Mid March!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fabulous, long overdue, very happy news update!

It's been a while since my last update, but much has happened in the meantime.  After taking time away from AKC conformation shows, for most of the summer, and much of the fall, big things occurred, all at once.

Solstafir attended the National Dog Show in Philly, won breed, and found himself in his third trip to NBC TV on Thanksgiving Day, in the Herding Group ring.  On the same day the show was actually held, November 15, we found out that Solstafir was still in the #4 spot in breed rankings, and was therefore being honored with an invitation to the Westminster Kennel Club show, in New York city.  This is the most prestigious dog show in the US, and I am floored to have received my first invitation to Westminster!

Not to be terribly outdone, the next weekend, November 21, my boy Keisari hit the final major he needed, to earn his AKC Championship title!  Keisari followed that the next day, with another major, which is the first applied toward his AKC Grand Championship.   After we had pulled away from AKC for over 4 months, we went to a succession of UKC show, where Keisari took quite a few Best of Breeds, and is currently holding the #1 Icelandic Sheepdog, in UKC conformation.  Keisari had all his health testing done in early September, and we are very happy to report Good hips, clean and clear eyes, and full dentition!  Keisari is now available for stud.

My middle kid, Vetur, has been having a good time of his own.  After completing his AKC Grand Championship, earlier this year, he went looking for girlfriends.  We found a lovely mate in a beautiful chocolate tri-color gal from Michigan, Arbakki Sigga.  Vetur and Sigga enjoyed each other's company immensely for the week she was in standing heat, and were consumed by epic romance.  If all went well, Sigga should be due with a litter around January 6.  We are very anxious to see what this mating will produce!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End of winter update

Well, spring 2014 starts tomorrow, and we welcome the busy dog show season that comes with it.  Winter was a season of few shows, but some fun things have happened.

Most notably, Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) tacked an AKC GCH onto the front of his name!  On February 15, Vetur was Best of Breed in West Friendship MD, to score the final Major he needed to earn his Grand Champion title.  He finished 2013 as the #7 AKC Icelandic, and also the #3 UKC Icelandic, and at the time I write this, Vetur is also holding the #5 AKC Icelandic Sheepdog ranking, for the new year.  He seems to have several potential suitors roaming around, and we are waiting for him to start seriously dating.

GCH Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir has been enjoying his Bronze GCH title, and his #6 AKC ranking, for 2013.  Solstafir was also the #1 ranked Icelandic Sheepdog in UKC conformation.  Last week he was awarded his 20th AKC Major, at York, PA.  His daughter, Solkyssa Rauda Mana Dis, joined us at the show, for her very first show entry, where I was privledged to handle her in the ring.  I was very happy to see Solstafir's little girl, whom I co-own.

My youngster, Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail stands, at the time of this post, at 15 AKC Championship points, with one major.  He will finish his AKC Championship with one Major win.  At 18 months old now, he is beginning to show more maturity and poise.  Keisari was unranked in AKC for 2013 as a class dog, but was the #2 Icelandic Sheepdog in UKC conformation.  I have great hopes for this boy, as he matures.  He is built like a tank, and is extremely athletic.  I look forward to him becoming my third dog to hit the top 5 of the breed, in AKC rankings.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Fall Update!

Lots of fun stuff happening around here this fall!
Solstafir's and Viking Tindra's litter all went to their new homes in late October.  I wa able to keep a co-own on one of the girls, who will live here in MD, with Dr. Sherry Seibel.  She will be shown, and bred, and I am thrilled with her!  So proud of my boy, for proving himself as a stud, producing a beautiful 5 pup litter.

Solstafir has also reached a major landmark in showing, having achieved his AKC Bronze Grand Champion status, on November 9th.  He is currently as the ranked #6 Icelandic Sheepdog in the AKC, and the #1 in UKC.

Baby boy Keisari, who is still 14 months old as I write this, earned his UKC Grand Champion title on October 19.  Keisari is also just one 3 point major away from his AKC Championship, as well!

Middle child Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) sits at the #8 AKC position, and the #3 UKC, for Icelandic Sheepdogs.  He is just one 3 point major away from his AKC Grand Championship title!

I had annual eye exams on Solstafir and Vetur, on November 9, and I am happy to report continued clean and clear reports on their eyes.  The were also both OFA certified for full dentition, earlier this year.Vetur recently was issued a CHIC certification, for his health tests / reports, and is available for stud.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BIG week!

We have had a very exciting week here! 

In the early hours of Friday morning, Solstafir's litter came into the world.  Viking Tindra whelped 5 beautiful pups - 2 girls, and 3 boys.  They were all large, and are thriving, and putting on steady weight.  I do believe most will get Solstfir's rich coloring.  Cheers to Julianna Dolfinger-Price, and the lovely Viking Tindra for doing such a good job with the precious babies.  You may visit the pups, see photo, video, and contact Julianna via Facebook.  The pups page is Solkyssa Icelandics.   Puppy application requests can be made to

The next day, Saturday, my other two boys went to an AKC show and BOTH boys were awarded AKC Majors!  Fox Meadow Thorra Kari went Best of Breed for a 5 point major - his second towards his Grand Championship, and Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail was Best of Winners for a 4 point major - his very first major, at just 11 months old! 

Also, last week the new AKC rankings came out, and I now have 2 boys in the top ten Icies.  Solstafir still holds the #5 ranking, and Vetur has moved up into the #8 position!

GOOD stuff!!!