Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End of winter update

Well, spring 2014 starts tomorrow, and we welcome the busy dog show season that comes with it.  Winter was a season of few shows, but some fun things have happened.

Most notably, Fox Meadow Thorra Kari (Vetur) tacked an AKC GCH onto the front of his name!  On February 15, Vetur was Best of Breed in West Friendship MD, to score the final Major he needed to earn his Grand Champion title.  He finished 2013 as the #7 AKC Icelandic, and also the #3 UKC Icelandic, and at the time I write this, Vetur is also holding the #5 AKC Icelandic Sheepdog ranking, for the new year.  He seems to have several potential suitors roaming around, and we are waiting for him to start seriously dating.

GCH Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir has been enjoying his Bronze GCH title, and his #6 AKC ranking, for 2013.  Solstafir was also the #1 ranked Icelandic Sheepdog in UKC conformation.  Last week he was awarded his 20th AKC Major, at York, PA.  His daughter, Solkyssa Rauda Mana Dis, joined us at the show, for her very first show entry, where I was privledged to handle her in the ring.  I was very happy to see Solstafir's little girl, whom I co-own.

My youngster, Solsteinn Keisari at Whitetail stands, at the time of this post, at 15 AKC Championship points, with one major.  He will finish his AKC Championship with one Major win.  At 18 months old now, he is beginning to show more maturity and poise.  Keisari was unranked in AKC for 2013 as a class dog, but was the #2 Icelandic Sheepdog in UKC conformation.  I have great hopes for this boy, as he matures.  He is built like a tank, and is extremely athletic.  I look forward to him becoming my third dog to hit the top 5 of the breed, in AKC rankings.

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