Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gettysburg AKC show, December 11

We had an awsome time at yesterday's AKC conformation show in Gettysburg yesterday.  Very soon after we arrived, we were greeted by the show Chairperson, who was quite excited to meet her first Icelandic Sheepdog.  She really made our day, kicking off a tremendous number of greetings by many others, who were also meeting their first Icie.  This even included our breed ring judge, who though Solstafir was just darling and loving.  I cautioned her that Solstafir may go in for a kiss during examination.  He did.  He charmed all who stopped by, with hugs and kisses.  If I only had a dollar for everyone who said "my gosh, look at his beautiful face!"  Although he was near perfect in the breed ring, exhaustion had set in by 4pm, when we went to the herding group ring.  I was very happy to come home with a wonderful experience, having introduced many to a deilightful young dog.  The Best of Breed ribbon we got to bring home wasn't so bad either.

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