Sunday, July 3, 2011

Solstafir loves sheep

I almost forgot to drop a note on here about it, but I took Solstafir to his very first herding encounter with sheep, a few weeks ago.  It was actually a herding instinct test, done at Flyaway Aussies, in Oxford, PA.  Result of the heding test?  Solstafir loves sheep, and has a good natural instinct to move them quite well.  It was really neat to watch - he had never been face to face with sheep before, and after about a 30 second awkward period, I watched his instincts kick in, and his whole expression and demeanor changed into herding mode.  He nicely moved them around, and always drove them toward me and the trainer.  When one would cut out, he would go wrangle it and cut back in.  I was so happy to see him using his genetic purpose, and he semed very happy, too!  I can look forward to more herding lessons in the future, and maybe putting a herding title on him.

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